Meats and poultry consumption varies from culture to culture. Worldwide religious beliefs are one of the many factors to what types of meats are bought and distributed geographically. These products contain high nutritional values such as protein and iron. These products are not just for quantity, but also for the importance of everyday health.

Verus Foods is committed to maintain the highest standards and the strictest adherence to the Halal process. At Verus Foods, we take the guess work out of wondering if something is Halal or not. We do our job to ensure that you have the peace of mind in knowing that the products you enjoy has been raised and processed to the highest standards of Halal.


  • Cap of Rump at 

  • Heart of Rump 

  • Rump Tail 

  • Tenderloin Chain On (3/4 and 4/5) 

  • Striploin 

  • Sirloins

  • Beef Ribs

  • Boneless Rump Roast


  • Neck

  • Thick Rib

  • Flank Lies

  • Chump

  • Breast ("ribbejie")

  • Ribs

  • Leg & Shank


  • Chicken Leg Quarters

  • ​Chicken Drumsticks & Drumettes

  • Whole Chicken Grillers

  • Whole Chickens (Also Available in Halves)

  • Chicken Hearts, Liver, Gizzards, Neck, Feet & Paws

  • Chicken Whole Wings, Middle Joint and Middle Joint Half Cut

  • Chicken Breasts Skin-On

  • (All Parts Available Skinless & Boneless)